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Updated: Aug 5, 2022

I am very honoured to be the featured photographer in this month’s Elements Magazine (you can find a full size version of the cover photo here)

The issue includes an in-depth interview with me about my outlook on photography. I'd like to give my thanks to Olaf Sztaba, co-editor, for his very insightful (and demanding) discussion. It was really nice to be challenged and even better that the questions were specifically tailored to me and my photography. Too many publications rehash the same questions again and again.

If you’re not already a subscriber I really recommend it as a source of inspirational photography (not just mine) and interesting, insightful articles on many aspects of landscape photography.

The magazine has generously offered a discount code for first time subscribers. Simply type DAVID10 into the appropriate box to receive 10% off the annual plan in your first year.

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