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Creative Parallels Exhibition

Joe Cornish and I first met four decades ago (I know, it doesn't seem possible!) The friendship, and friendly rivalry, which sprung up at that time remains as strong as ever. We admire and critique each other’s photographs. Joe and I have worked together on tens of workshops in the intervening decades. We frequently discuss photography and this has added to our understanding of the art as well as spurring each of us on to reach new heights.

This warm and inspirational photographic relationship is the catalyst for our autumn exhibition. We're very familiar with each other’s oeuvre and have jointly selected images that show different aspects of artistic relationship.

Our philosophy regarding this exhibition has been to choose photographs which reinforce and confound expectations; images have been chosen in pairs to show correspondences of form, colour, composition and theme. However, despite each of us having a reputation for a particular style in the landscape photographer genre, we are keen to exhibit photographs which do not conform to this trend: the exhibition will include, for instance, landscape vista photographs by me and intimate landscape details by Joe Cornish.

Creative Parallels exhibition opens on 31st August and runs to 24th December 2023 at the Joe Cornish Gallery, Northallerton

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