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Norway in Autumn

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14th – 21st September

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Because of the high latitude, autumn comes early in Arctic Norway. The season is short but very intense with wonderful, strong colours. It really is an incredible sight to see hillsides, densely clad in silver birch, adopt blazing autumnal shades.


We will be staying on the northern coast of Senja, Norway's second largest island. The interior is one of rolling mountains but at the coast, where the bedrock was incised by huge glaciers, the peaks become jagged and imposing. Many of the fjords have walls of rock rising sheer from the sea.


One of Norway's most incredible locations, Tungeneset, is just a few minutes drive from our base. Cupped by ice-smoothed granite, small pools reflect the wildly serrated ridge of Okshornan (the Devil's Teeth) across the fjord. This is a truly epic place, especially at sunset.

Perhaps the finest locations for autumnal images will be in small patches of native birch woodland. The understory is often carpeted in the deep red leaves of the bunchberry (Cornus suecica) which set off the pale green ferns wonderfully. Add in the gold of the silver birch canopy and you have an irresistible combination of colours. The neighbouring Finns call this time of year “ruska” which has a beautiful, evocative feeling even in English.


The freezing conditions of winter are still a few weeks away. Fresh water still races towards the sea, giving us the wonderful opportunity to photograph the tumbling rivers and waterfalls surrounded by golden foliage.

We will visit the coastal pine forest of Ånderdalen National Park, a region preserved by royal decree in 1970. This primeval forest contains pine trees that are over 600 years old as well as innumerable birch which should be ablaze with colour. The conditions in September are often still, providing amazing reflections of both the trees and (fingers crossed!) a display of northern lights in the evening.


In my opinion, Norway at this time of year is amongst the best places on the planet to see autumn colour. The grandeur of the scenery only enhances the experience, making this tour a feast for the eyes.

What's Included
What's Not
  • Transfers for recommended flights from/to Tromsø Airport

  • Carbon offset

  • All transport during workshop

  • Full board accommodation

  • Photo tuition from David Ward

  • Flights

  • Travel insurance

  • Alcoholic beverages

£3,150 for single occupancy

£800 fee payable at time of booking

N.B. Not all rooms are en-suite, please book early to avoid disappointment.


David Ward Photo Tours is a Safe Travels provider, certified by the

World Travel & Tourism Council.

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