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Co-led with Daniel Bergmann

Scoresby Sound,

Eastern Greenland


21st - 28th September

How Much


East Greenland is an incredible place. It will inspire you, fire your imagination and fulfill even your wildest photographic ambitions.

It’s home to some of the world’s most extraordinary geology. Ice and water have shaped the landscape over thousands of years. The scarred red and orange rock contrasts with the electric blue icebergs that calve off its many glaciers and drift slowly down its deep fjords.

September is the ideal time to visit Greenland. That’s when this majestic place hovers on the boundary between summer and winter, giving us the best chance of maximising everything Greenland has to offer landscape photographers. We can expect soft golden light and far more interesting skies than during the summer, when endless blue skies are common. We could also experience frosty mornings and even snowfall.

Scoresby Sound is the world’s largest fjord network. It covers an area of more than 38,000 km² and branches out into countless waterways. Here you’ll see some of the most incredible iceberg formations on Earth, created by the constant thawing and freezing of the glaciers. It’s a photographer’s paradise. Many of the icebergs are towering monoliths covered in electric blue cracks and fractures. The juxtaposition of these natural sculptures against the orange and red rock is unique. You won’t see this raw and beautiful combination anywhere else on Earth.

This is a rare opportunity to visit this stunning place for the sole purpose of photography. Scoresby Sound is a relatively untouched wilderness. Few expedition ships ever visit this part of Greenland. Almost none of them tailor their itineraries to the needs of photographers.

Our expedition ship, the M/S Balto, is ideal for this type of adventure. It has low decks for ship-based iceberg photography and large Zodiacs for cruising where the ship can’t go, and for making landings. In addition to the crew, our group will consist of max. 11 participants, plus the three of us who will lead and guide you.

We’ll fly from Iceland to Constable Point where we’ll board Balto, our home for 8 days while we explore the fjords and circumnavigate Milne Land. At the end of our voyage, we’ll fly back to Iceland.

We’ll photograph icebergs from the safety of the ship as we cruise the fjords. We’ll also go ashore, where we’ll photograph from the coastlines and explore the Arctic tundra. We’ll use the Zodiacs to cruise among grounded icebergs, like those at Røde Ø (Red Island).

This expedition is dedicated to landscape photography. While there is some wildlife in the area, it won’t be our main focus. By September, most of the birds have migrated away for the winter. Musk ox roam in a few locations, but they are hard to approach as they are hunted by the local Inuits. And although we will be in polar bear territory (and will have to be vigilant on land at all times), Greenland isn’t a good place to photograph them, compared with prime wildlife locations like Svalbard.

I am privileged to be be working with Daníel Bergmann, who has led a number of trips to Scoresby Sound, who has teamed up with expedition leader Morten Jørgensen, a man with a vast practical knowledge of the region.

N.B. All bookings are handled by my Icelandic co-leader Daníel Bergmann.

What's Included
What's Not
  • 7 nights of accommodation aboard the ship

  • All meals while on board

  • Water, coffee/tea ad libitum

  • Guides and crew services

  • Daily excursions by Zodiac

  • Instructions from highly experienced photo leaders

  • One of Greenland’s most experienced expedition leaders

  • Lectures, briefings and shore side interpretation

  • Any pre- or post-cruise expenses including flights between Iceland and Greenland

  • Drinks not mentioned in the brochure

  • Customary tips for crew and staff

  • Mandatory insurance

  • Anything else not specified as included

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